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Summary: In May, the Philippines has two things: holidays and flowers. There are different types of festivals in different parts of the country, but there are events everywhere. The Santa Cruz procession is held at any time in May.
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The feast is celebrated by the Virgin Mary, where a young girl dressed in white covers her statue with flowers. The entire Philippines celebrates Flores de Mayo in honor of Our Lady.
The Davao Kadayawan Festival usually takes place in the third week of August. It is mainly a harvest festival where people dance while enjoying the rich harvest of orchids, fruits and flowers. The floating parade is the main event of the festival.

The second Flower Festival will be held in northern Cordillera in early February. It is a month-long flowering celebration, which is called Panavenga, a term from Ilocano.
The beauty of flowers is highly valued throughout the Philippines. And it's no wonder why there are so many flower festivals in this country. Where hospitality is a priority, there is an atmosphere of beauty and warmth. Sending flowers to someone here means a lot and is certainly appreciated. Before contacting the florist to send flowers to your Filipino loved ones, you can take the time to get to know the various favorites of the Philippines. Here are some:
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1. Ylang-Ylang is named after the Tagalog term "rare". It is famous for its perfume that is incomparable with the present. The oil is currently used in aromatherapy and is said to relieve hypertension and normalize sebum secretion due to skin problems. Ylang-Ylang trees are native to the Philippines and grow on slightly acidic soils. The flowers are yellow-green and dark blue.
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2. Sampaguita is derived from tropical Asia and is native to the Philippines. It is very delicate and usually consists of wreaths worthy of appreciation and decoration. These wreaths may be sold on the streets of Manila to decorate vehicles. This flower has medical value and is used as an infant, sedative, anesthetic, and fragile drug.
3. Warinwarin is a rare orchid on Mindanao, especially at the foot of the highest mountain in the country, Apo. It blooms seasonally, mainly for two weeks from July to December. It is considered the "Queen of the Philippine Orchids" and is considered the best type of orchid in its breathtaking colors. Almost extinct due to its attractive properties, but is prevented by tissue culture.
4. Dama de Noche is famous for his extraordinary arrhythmias, which has been the subject of many myths and legends in the country. The flowers bloom at night and have a sweet scent. Dama de Noche is from tropical America and is unknown to many.