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Six minutes of black humor in which bitter reflection was dressed. "Fall Art" is the essence of Kubrick's always-on insights from "Full Metal Jacket". A string of blue beads will first smother you and then kill you. The grotesque of scenes and characters ensures good fun. A short work day of our Oscar nominee has little to do with the pathetic "Cathedral". Much closer to him - for example - Pixar episodes usually released in front of full-sized companies (only that it is intended only for adult viewers, or young enough that they will not understand).

 Tomek Bagiński decided not to help in reading the meanings, either individual shots or the film as a whole. The paths of interpretation diverge into several pages. You can go in the direction of the tragedy of the Holocaust, contemporary military conflicts with the participation of the US and our troops, you can treat the army as a more general metaphor of the system, power, regime, etc. The number of possible readings inversely proportional to the length of computer animation.

I do not say too much about the technique itself, because it is a task for experts. In A spiritual journey , it certainly can not be seen that "Art of Falling" arose for eight months without a budget under guerrilla and guerrilla conditions. The highest quality and the chance for next prizes. The movie entered the cinema distribution as a warm-up before the megaproduction of "Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow". May the world of tomorrow look like that animations for adults will stay on silver screens permanently ..