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The betta fish is also known as the “Japanese Fighting Fish.” It gets that name from its tendency to fight by nature. The male sex of these fish are exceptionally aggressive and can fight for the death. Male Bettas can't be roommates with other fish and there are no exceptions. I don’t care in regards to the 1% of people today around which have experimented with this and discovered a good male. Experimenting like this is not appropriate for the fish and morally wrong in my opinion. Fish get plenty of strain when put within the incorrect atmosphere and pressure causes fish to die. Lengthy story short, male Bettas are usually not to be put with any other fish. Females could be happily put with other tropical fish and get along fantastic with each other.

Betta fish are native to Asia, exactly where they live inside the shallow water of rice paddies, ponds, or slow-moving streams. Since the water is shallow, it is also warm, which can be why betta fish in captivity call for a sizable amount of water in an aquarium that may be kept heated to a minimum of 75 degrees.

Betta fish care is easy and family friendly. Bettas like five gallons of water, even so they are able to reside happily within a small less. We recommend the larger the superior. There is a myth that betta fish can reside happily in tiny jars - this is untrue! five gallon is great but I've heard stories from several betta owners of pleased fish in 2-3 gallon tanks, please usually do not go decrease than that.

The majority of people have this thought that their betta fish desires bottled water. That is incorrect. The betta is really a fairly difficult camper when it comes to water. The point that must be watched is chlorine. Buy a simple water conditioner and apply it to your water out of your faucet just before placing it within your tank. It’s that basic.

The betta got its name from an ancient clan of warriors, known as the "Bettah." The fish were offered a combatant name right after the fighting fish became well-liked within the mid-1800s. The truth is, the sport became so renowned in Thailand that the former King of Siam had it regulated and taxed! Spectators on the sport based their bets on the bravery from the fish, rather than the harm inflicted by the victor.