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For all fans of the movie duo Tarantino-Rodriguez waited impatiently. The more eagerly, that the first part Grindhouse'u ( "Death Proof"), allow to hope for something equally masterful. And although "Planet Terror" his film-twin does not pierce it, and so we should leave the theater satisfied. Of course, you do not get your hopes up on something similar to Tarantino's production. The fact that both pay homage to the creator of cinema class D and play it, but do it in a completely different style. And it seems to have more fun in the play find in Rodriguez. Even the storyline plays with a lot of zombie movies (especially those that have a "living dead" in the title). So originality does not sin: Here's one of the harbors, quiet towns begins to happen something disturbing - people go to hospital (here just before strange things happening) with atypical wounds.
As soon turns out, these wounds are the result of zombies, and each bitten over time transformed into a monster, unless it has already been eaten. The only hope for humanity to a group of survivors in a small number of beznogą ex-go-go dancer - Cherry (Rose McGowan) and her ex-boyfriend Wray. A whole bunch of videos downloaded from other solutions should not mind if someone little versed in cinema exploitation. He knows then that no originality here it comes. The story is only a means to zszokowania the greatest amount of blood, guts, brains and other innards. And this goes Rodriguez famously. What is more serious threats of violence so skillfully that even though some of the scenes often cross the line of good taste, the movie you want to watch, and the same violent scenes are even able to provide us with a lot of entertainment, and even laughter. However, if the film did not present themselves nothing but mindless (taking into account some parts of the film, the term most hit) carnage, would not be able to even come close to the level of "Death Proof." And so, beyond the abnormally large accumulation of kitsch and blood on one frame, we have a few surprises. The first of them can be downright brilliant dialogues. So far it would seem that unsurpassed master in this area is Quentin Tarantino. After seeing "Grindhouse Vol. 2" we can say with certainty that Robert Rodriguez lot from his friend taught. And if you compare to "Death Proof" and "Planet Terror" in this respect, this second production outclasses its predecessor. Although, of course, to "Pulp Fiction" still a little lacking. It is worth noting that the great dialogues are facing a sensational scene, with even better motives. Wray jacket, thermometer, Dr. William Block, or various "talents" can be quite amuse his absurdity. Jokes anyway here is full, in addition given in various forms, with grotesque and black humor at the forefront. You can see that Rodriguez had a great time during the making of this film. Besides, a similar fun of the game have to be actors too, so at least it seems after seeing the film.
This does not mean that they played badly - on the contrary! You can see that the hours spent watching movies Class D meant that everyone came in already in his role perfectly. And although it is difficult to distinguish someone specifically, the most in my memory was Freddy Rodriguez as Wray. I can not imagine anyone played his character even better. The huge deserves credit also plays the role of Cherry - Rose McGowan. Bride Robert Rodriguez certainly was not an easy task - on the set had to move with a special design to later, her movements with a rifle-leg were more reliable. And it paid off! In her delicate awkwardness when moving is something so endearing that until you want to say "I like the way you move." In addition to the aforementioned duo conspicuous was Dr. Block, or Josh Brolin. His plays, especially in the hospital part of the film, makes begin to appreciate our Polish health service. Also pay attention to his son's film - Tony.
In fact, he is the son of Robert Rodriguez, so that last scene with his participation can be shocking. A tad worse than a whole presents the soundtrack for this production. If you consider it as a separate CD to listen at home there is much to admire and, outside the main outstanding musical theme and an interesting interpretation of the song "Too drunk to fuck" by Rose McGowan.
Through the prism of computer game
Other songs, mostly by the director, based largely on the same theme. While watching "Planet Terror ', however, do not bother, indeed, included with the film, this music seems to be much better than it actually is. Even worse than the sound side presents a visual side.
With this it's just a big plus, because that's it. Styling belt worn on a stepped hundred times better in the second part Grindhouse'u - is destroyed much more, and d