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"Filming the story of a writer who wrote a different story" - something like przywalono the Polish version of the poster promoting the "Next".

Upon my word, I do not know what is more embarrassing: insisting that something loosely based on an idea from the story "The Golden Man" is an adaptation of prose P. K. Dick, or the fact that the Polish distributor found the Poles to be so stupid nation that the above nonsense attract them to the cinema.

 The film itself is exactly what you would expect.

Let me put it this way: it is known that Nicholas Cage is a good actor. For this game in several films a year. And now wymieńcie three really good with his participation, five seconds, the start time. Well, maybe someone mentioned one. Two or more? I'm sorry, you're a fan or a fan of Cage, the question was not addressed to you, and to all the rest.

 "Next" is a simple, easy entertainment, with one new idea - the hero can predict the next two minutes, your future.

It was not anything big, but during waive the Americans paranoid about terrorists, it turns out that even the federal government will use it for their own purposes. Of course, not caring what restrictions on their freedom has to say subjected to a free and proud, sorry, a US citizen Cris Johnson's face and voice of Nicolas Cage. Chris undermines played by Jessica Biel woman whose vision haunted him for a long time, gets caught federal agents after persuasion in the style of "A Clockwork Orange" is going to cooperate with the beloved government to finally together with a team of professionals to catch the bad terrorists. Terrorists kidnap Biel, as usual, the action comes down to the fact that one person has to kick the job, which in the real world arranges a SWAT team, and the end credits appear. Paragraph of the spoiler and obscene colloquialism: Unfortunately, the filmmakers make the viewer into the canon Wala.

At the beginning set the rule "TWO minutes into the future, not a second more." Then introduce an exception: White vision of entering the pub.

Well, you can still digest, but use a credit of trust. And at the end of the punch volte-face: almost the entire movie is one of the great vision of the future ... and then woke up the hero.

It is so cheap trick, I suspect that the writers of the fact that when I attended literary workshops, usually explained that the dog ate the set work. Of course, if the writers have ever been on a writing workshop.

 Another, albeit much smaller disadvantage of the film are recycled scenes - the same event, seen by many Cage in future versions. At some point, this procedure causes a yawn, another is simply embarrassing. Next penalties "Next" earns a lack of originality.

There is no dignity in it memorable dialogue, no firmly characteristic scene. It is for this advertorial car alarm system, the Dodge Charger as well as a guest appearance Columbo. Granted, you should not expect much from the film directed by the man responsible for "Die Another Day" and "xXx: State of the Union", with the script, which the author did nothing worth mentioning from "Total Recall."

Still, I was hoping for something that will either spectacular or funny, or at least holding their own rules. I hour and a half while that forgotten on the second day.

On reflection, it has a good side: after the screening is not disgust, but only a fleeting thought "could be a lot better," so you can safely wait for the next, the highest average movie with Nicholas Cage ..