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Skinny-Dipper Shop remains open for walkin customers. Approximately once a year
an undercover police officer steps into the
Shop to see if the public outside can see
any pictures containing nudity. To date, these
visits have not resulted in any difficulties for

TNS & Nude
TNS commenced in the early 1980s as what
Possibly estranged---sister to the older and
Bigger American Sunbathing Association
(now AANR). In its first decade however,
TNS matured to take the leading role in
America on the issue of nudity on public
2009, both recognize that they and
other naturist organizations should work
Collectively if they're to continue to grow
and be powerful.

https://s3.amazonaws.com/q-naturist/beach-fucking.html has, from the earliest years,
sought out opportunities to work with
other like-minded groups. The efforts
the Naturist/Nudist Leadership Council
TNS has additionally, when the

44 | Nude & Natural 28.3

Separately Lee Baxandall and I came to recognize the link between
the right to privacy, my forte, and naturism, his forte.
we told each others' work and philosophies. I saw his social
activism as a model for mine, but I understood that I didn't have the
Daring courage that he did. In addition, Lee's activism enhanced
my personal delight in skinny-dipping and made more chances
In the early stages of his illness, he rose before a group of attorneys
His shoulders slumped a little and he had
A couple of tremors. He was naked. "I always said, 'It's all about body
acceptance. And so here I am.
https://s3.amazonaws.com/q-naturist/family-nudism-pics.html when your body is just how you want it to
opportunity has presented itself, actively
the United States.

On June 14-18,1986, TNS representatives and two dozen others from the
U.S., Greece, Chile, the Netherlands, the
United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark,
Finland, and India met for the first
International Seminar on Nude Beaches,
held at Antiparos, Greece.16 Angelos
Mimikopoulos of Greece suggested the
Notion to TNS in 1983, but it took three
years to bring the convention to fruition.
variety of issues relating to free beach philosophy and history. Lee Baxandall chaired
the chain of meetings.

The following year, Mimikopoulos,
Baxandall, and Johanna Moore responded to the suggestion of photo journalist
Leif Heilberg, arranged a second
International Seminar on Nude Beaches,
which took place in Hungary from June 27
A third
such occasion was organized by TNS for June
31-July 7, 1990 in the Provence area of

The Naturist Society Network:
Policies Support Inclusion
of Singles, Homosexuals, Families,
What distinguishes TNS from other naturist groups in many people's minds is the
organization's commitment to inclusion.

Freely acknowledging that https://s3.amazonaws.com/q-naturist/young-nudists-pics.html are
Varied in opinion, interests, and lifestyle,
and that many of them will not agree with
everything they see reported on or praised
in N, TNS nonetheless has a distinguishing
leaning on particular issues that are sometimes just obliquely related to nudism.
Many of these problems must do with the
Approval of others.

TNS created the Naturist Network
as a means to boost those naturist clubs,
resorts, and shore-support groups that
Conform to TNS' basic philosophy. These
groups consent to support TNS and permit
TNS members to get involved in their activities; and their policies and activities must
not be in disagreement with the TNS Statement
of Naturist Worth, which says, in part:
"The Naturist Society doesn't recognize

groups or clubs which promise or mean of access to club or group actions. Singles
primarily to encourage intercourse, or lead as many valuable resources
which practice a policy of exception based to a group as do married people. They
provide needed income for the group;

TNS admits that a private club and they help the group more closely match
or group has every right to choose its the demographics of society.
associates. A club could restrict its member-
The population outside the boundarship to left-handed, middle aged, Chinese ies of the club walls or group functions
astronomers if it desired to. Nonetheless, to isn't 100 percent married.
and groups must practice a high degree of black and white, rich and poor. Since TNS
claims vigorously that naturism is natural