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Have hardest list nudism About Naturism?
Questions about nudism - All of us have them but many of them do not ask them. These days, it appears that asking questions continues to be identified as a social faux pas, particularly if we are asking a question of someone about a location where they're distinct from ourselves.
Maybe I should get an improved filter for my mouth, but I have a tendency to ask the questions as they come to my brain. For https://s3.amazonaws.com/nude-beach-pictures/family-nudists-pics.html , there aren't any good or bad questions or body parts, there are simply respectful or disrespectful questions, particularly in regards to naturism!
Last summer, I seen a man at my naturist camp who had many, many penis rings. This intrigued me: I Have never met someone who had at least 50 bands in his member before. Keeping the questions in just wasn't going to occur, so I approached the guy and noted the penis rings and inquired if he would mind a few questions about them since I Had never seen so many on one person.
With his permission, the questions started: did not it hurt to get all those piercings? How in https://s3.amazonaws.com/real-nudism/fucking-on-the-beach.html does he put clothing on? Does the jingling of the jewelry under his garments cause people to look at him funny? And the list went on.
The gentleman had a great sense of humor and answered each question thoroughly so that something that completely baffled me made sense after. Questions do that: you ask them, get them replied, and comprehend them.
Have Questions About Naturism?
While questions frequently clear matters up and help us to invent questions, somewhere in society we have been taught that asking questions is rude, a way of mocking others, and just plain disrespectful (especially as it pertains to naturismor nudism questions).
Seriously, I wasn't making fun- I was asking what the symbol was. I had lots of teasing as a kid because of my right eye being a lazy eye. This helps to prepare others and lets the atmosphere to be cleared.
Yet so many questions are no no's. We can't ask others about some sensitive issues and I actually believe that is why there is so much hate and bias in the world: we mock what we don't understand and we don't understand things that we do not ask about. I do ask many questions but keep it to things I think I can get away with. Some of my more unusual questions have been:
* Is Not it annoying to have a penis hanging down your leg all day? (I asked this of a guy- I can not picture having a penis there to bother me all day.)
* Did you enjoy it better to have hair or do you more appreciate the convenience of being bald?
* What was it like to recognize that you were homosexual? What was the reaction of your family members?
Then there are the questions that I Had like to ask, but do not ask due to lack of confidence that the questions will be well-received due to the way questions could be perceived:
* What is it like to be Black? What prejudices and stereotypes affect you as a result of your skin color?
* When folks look at your amputation/ mastectomy scar, what goes through the mind? Have you been alright with questions about that?
So what about you, beloved readers? Do you ask questions? Are there limits to what you will ask? How do you feel when questions are asked of you that may be sensitive? Are questions just a manner of making fun of people or can they be used to increase the love in this world? Because, as we FKK'ers understand it's all about the love.
* make sure you see Nudist Portal frequently to remain up to date on news that matters and ideas that shift you!
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36 year old naturist from Catskill, NY. Love life, hiking, rock climbing trees, writing, and helping folks. Been a nudist since the age of 28 and found it to be a life changing way of living.