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British Journal of Industrial Medicine , Toxicologic Pathology , Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology , Arnott DG, Doniach I The impact of compounds allied to resorcinol upon the uptake of radioactive iodine I by the thyroid of the rat. IARC evaluated the carcinogenicity of resorcinol in and concluded that there aren't any epidemiological knowledge relevant to the carcinogenicity of resorcinol in humans and that the evidence of its carcinogenicity in animals is inadequate; thus, resorcinol is not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to people. JECFA assessed the hazards from using resorcinol as a meals flavouring agent and concluded that this use is of no safety concern. Overall, the research usually are not enough for a statistical extrapolation method based on the EU Technical Guidance Document EC, a.

No resorcinol-related macroscopic findings, organ weight, or opposed microscopic target organ effects had been noticed within the F 0 and F 1 parental animals. The F zero and F 1 females continued to receive the resorcinol all through mating, gestation, and lactation and thru the day of euthanasia for study design, see Appendix 7. There were no F 0 and F 1 parental resorcinol-related deaths or scientific findings in the course of the weekly detailed physical examinations. In controls and the excessive-dose group, a qualitative histopathological evaluation of the brain forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain was additionally carried out for the aforementioned animals RTF, There were no antagonistic effects regarding reproductive efficiency, mortality, and physique or organ weights.

The organisms had been exposed to the take a look at concentrations for 96 h. Biological observations were performed daily.
The tolerable intake of 0. It is subsequently attainable that these neurological effects are as a result of acute effect of the gavage administration. CNS effects in humans and animals have been related to acute exposure to resorcinol.
Fifty per cent of survivors had been sacrificed 1 week later, and blood and urine samples were taken. Resorcinol confirmed a concentration-dependent increase in labelling index [ 3 H]thymidine , acanthosis, and papillomatosis. After utility of an ointment containing To study the goitrogenic exercise of resorcinol, female Wistar rats were treated twice day by day for 28 days by rubbing 6 g of an ointment containing Increased thyroid gland weights 2.
In follow, nonetheless, the incidence of sensitization appears to be low. In animal studies, the toxicological results reported to be attributable to administration of resorcinol embody thyroid dysfunction, irritation to skin and eyes, CNS effects, and altered adrenal gland relative weights. After topical use of excessive concentrations of resorcinol, CNS disturbances, such as dizziness, vertigo, confusion, disorientation, amnesia, or tremors, or red blood cell changes, such as methaemoglobinaemia, haemolytic anaemia, haemoglubinuria, or cyanosis, have been reported. One factor rising potential poisonous effects is the application of resorcinol to injured pores and skin.

Other pores and skin effects had been hyperplasia, hyperkeratosis, irritation, and sebaceous gland hyperplasia, whereas there have been no systemic therapy-associated lesions. With resorcinol, several initiation—promotion research with hamsters Maruyama et al. Female Syrian golden hamsters 10—20 per group were handled with two subcutaneous injections of. In a research carried out by Hasegawa et al.
Although thyroid results are a big finish-level in each human case-studies and animal research, there is a lack of consistency in the results in the animal studies. Resorcinol brought on no adverse effects in several replica and developmental toxicity research in rats and rabbits. Resorcinol is not thought of to be genotoxic.
In one other study, male F rats had been handled with three intraperitoneal injections of three-methyl-. Based on the research of Yeung et al.

For the benthic and terrestrial compartments, the obtainable toxicity knowledge can't be considered adequate for a quantitative threat characterization. However, these compartments are much less relevant for resorcinol, due to marginal releases and emissions to these compartments in addition to a very low potential for adsorption of resorcinol to organic matter.
According to the results obtained, Daphnia magna is essentially the most sensitive organism, and resorcinol could be classified as acutely toxic only to Daphnia. However, this value is questionable to be used as a limit value in danger evaluation this is the very best concentration examined in this study , and the NOEC could be significantly higher than said in the study. In the ambiance, resorcinol is quickly degraded half-life about 2 h by reaction with photochemically produced hydroxyl radicals. Under cardio conditions, resorcinol proved to be readily biodegradable in a take a look at performed in accordance with OECD TG C, and it is likely to be biodegraded beneath anaerobic situations.
Different studies carried out with rats and mice gave no increase in the micronucleus formation in bone marrow cells. Bone marrow smears have been prepared at 30 h, and polychromatic erythrocytes per animal were scored Gocke et al. An interim sacrifice at 15 months gave no distinction in haematology, clinical chemistry, or other medical pathology parameters and no elevated incidence of neoplasms or non-neoplastic lesions. Also, at final sacrifice, there was no proof of carcinogenic activity in males or females of both species.
There are differences in thyroid physiology between humans and animals. The weight of proof suggests that rodents are more delicate to thyroid results than people.
The acute dermal toxicity of resorcinol was studied in male albino rabbits Koppers Company, Signs of intoxication included salivation, tremors, and convulsions, and handled skin areas showed slight erythema and extreme dryness. Mean data for three donors and sixteen replicates indicate a plateau in receptor fluid focus between 24 and forty eight h, as mirrored by cumulative absorption values of 1. A regular-state permeability coefficient. For male albino rats pressure not given;.
The elimination was biphasic, with half-lives of 18—21 min and 8. The 14 C activity was rapidly distributed in major tissues similar to muscle tissue, kidneys, and liver, with out indication of bioaccumulation Merker et al. Any new information being supplied in the course of the OECD evaluation will be supplied to the IPCS so that an addendum may be ready for consideration.