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According to the results obtained, Daphnia magna is essentially the most delicate organism, and resorcinol could be categorised as acutely toxic only to Daphnia. However, this worth is questionable for use as a limit value in risk evaluation that is the highest concentration examined in this examine , and the NOEC could be significantly higher than acknowledged within the examine. In the atmosphere, resorcinol is rapidly degraded half-life about 2 h by reaction with photochemically produced hydroxyl radicals. Under cardio conditions, resorcinol proved to be readily biodegradable in a check conducted based on OECD TG C, and it's likely to be biodegraded underneath anaerobic conditions.

Hence, an improved biodegradation rate results in reduced risks for the environment. Regarding of resorcinol on aquatic species, the toxicity data set includes quite a lot of species from totally different trophic levels. Results from exams with different aquatic species from totally different trophic levels can be found for the acute toxicity of resorcinol to aquatic organisms.

From the scarce information available, the usage of resorcinol in hair dyes zero. The use of anti-pimples cream is taken as the situation of most concern as a result of probability of continuous exposure.
The acute dermal toxicity of resorcinol was studied in male albino rabbits Koppers Company, Signs of intoxication included salivation, tremors, and convulsions, and handled skin areas showed slight erythema and extreme dryness. Mean information for three donors and 16 replicates indicate a plateau in receptor fluid focus between 24 and 48 h, as reflected by cumulative absorption values of 1. A regular-state permeability coefficient. For male albino rats pressure not given;.

  • From its use in topical treatment and from restricted data from occupational studies, resorcinol doesn't seem like irritating to the skin in the concentrations reported.

  • In one study performed with male Syrian golden hamsters, which targeted solely on effects on the forestomach, pyloric area, and urinary bladder, the animals were dosed with 0 or zero.

  • From these information, the authors concluded that male rats have the next capacity for glucuronidation than females.

  • In a research carried out by NTP , 5 female and male F rats had been dosed with resorcinol in deionized water by way of gavage at zero, High-dose females had significantly decreased absolute and relative thymus weights.

  • According to the results obtained, Daphnia magna is essentially the most delicate organism, and resorcinol could be categorized as acutely toxic solely to Daphnia.

  • Van Leeuwen et al.

  • Thyroid glands from all surviving F zero dad and mom were examined microscopically, and brain measurements have been carried out on all exposed F 1 pups and people F 1 pups selected for behavioural testing.

British Journal of Industrial Medicine , Toxicologic Pathology , Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology , Arnott DG, Doniach I The effect of compounds allied to resorcinol upon the uptake of radioactive iodine I by the thyroid of the rat. IARC evaluated the carcinogenicity of resorcinol in and concluded that there are not any epidemiological information related to the carcinogenicity of resorcinol in people and that the proof of its carcinogenicity in animals is inadequate; thus, resorcinol isn't classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to people. JECFA assessed the hazards from the use of resorcinol as a food flavouring agent and concluded that this use is of no safety concern. , the research are not adequate for a statistical extrapolation method in accordance with the EU Technical Guidance Document EC, a.

The elimination was biphasic, with half-lives of 18—21 min and eight. The 14 C exercise was rapidly distributed in main tissues similar to muscles, kidneys, and liver, without indication of bioaccumulation Merker et al. Any new info being supplied in the course of the OECD assessment shall be supplied to the IPCS so that an addendum can be prepared for consideration.
In , medical examinations see above and thyroid assessments were carried out with of presumably energetic plant staff males and 33 women. Flaked resorcinol triggered no perceptible to reasonable irritation intact skin or no perceptible necrosis abraded pores and skin. and skin results have been hyperplasia, hyperkeratosis, inflammation, and sebaceous gland hyperplasia, whereas there were no systemic remedy-associated lesions. With resorcinol, a number of initiation—promotion studies with hamsters Maruyama et al. Female Syrian golden hamsters 10—20 per group were handled with two subcutaneous injections of. In a research performed by Hasegawa et al.
Fifty per cent of survivors have been sacrificed 1 week later, and blood and urine samples had been taken. Resorcinol showed a focus-dependent increase in labelling index [ three H]thymidine , acanthosis, and papillomatosis. After utility of an ointment containing To examine the goitrogenic exercise of resorcinol, feminine Wistar rats have been treated twice day by day for 28 days by rubbing 6 g of an ointment containing Increased thyroid gland weights 2.

Furthermore, chronic studies with fish and Daphnia were conducted. For the toxicity to aquatic plants, no guideline study is on the market. However, bearing in mind the available studies for toxicity to aquatic crops, the NOEC for algae could be assumed to be higher than that for Daphnia magna. Exposure to resorcinol by means of peeling brokers presents an acute publicity scenario the place the person is exposed to a excessive concentration 7. Acute results have been described under these situations.