2010 Mmvas Adam Lambert Nominated For 2 Video Awards

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Speaking of number one singles, Katy Perry also gained utmost prominence associated with charts 12 months. Crossing over from gospel music to a more contemporary genre, she gained success along with her single I Kissed a lady in 2008 as well as moderate popularity of Hot and Cold and Thinking people from the album, One of the many Boys. I Kissed a female as well as Cold and warm also earned her two Grammy nominations. In June 2010, she regained top rated spot belonging to the Hot 100 with you'll do it . California Gurls, off her latest album, Teenage Want. She went on to claim the first spot once again in September of yr with the single Teenage Goals.

"3" Britney Spears. Although at one thing she had faded the actual the music scene and into the news (in an adverse light may I add), you to help admit whether or not this comes to music she still has what it takes. Her song "3" has exceptional beat in addition to a great sound to it that get you all pumped up and help you that avenue.

With her presence becoming bigger brand name new deal was worked with RCA Records and Atlantic Records through the use of Dr. Luke and Flo Rida. Ke$ha was completing her debut album, however in the process "tik tok likes" debuted and offered as a cost-free marketing tool song. The song would later launch digitally through retailers the united states in August and reached the the surface of the charts.

Those are a couple of big moments for Ray-Ban in movie history. Right now, many celebrities trust the brand to help shield them from paparazzi and other onlookers. Below we've highlighted just several sightings.

"Good Riddance (Time of your Life)" Green Day. It's more of this slow song then it is a jump up and dance song but planning help to the night memorable look into the who is there. This is any song may be at one point would toast to or reflect on the past year.

"How Low" Ludacris - After hitting theaters near no more 2009, this song quickly rised at the radio. Inside the being of 2010, the song fizzled out in popularity, but is still played in clubs as well as its hard to face up to dancing in order to.

Since "I kissed a girl" debuted a few summers back Katy Perry has been one of my favorite artist. Top 5 Pop Stars To watch Out For In 2010 have beginning of time and energy Snoop is my go to artist for anything, but summer songs especially. " Dating, Itunes And Pop Culture since far my summer jam but not is it an "Empire State of Mind." Snoop Dogg's verse makes virtually no sense except in a few transitory sections but nonetheless manages to sound huge. His ability to make anything the actual nothing still amazes me and makes me individuals song. Like always Katy Perry brings the energy and unique qualities plenty of wish they had and more and more lack.

Britney has sure earned a come lumbar. Over a decade after she released her first album, is actually still going strong! That is a fun song you choose! Music 2010: Female Chart Toppers ! I love this picture! "3" is currently #72 on the Billboard Top 100 List.